Add friends & family to your own TravelCircle

Expand your own personal TravelCircle by sending requests to members within or externally via email.

Use the search bar on the top of the page to find the person you are looking for and select the plus icon to send a follow request.

Once the invite has been accepted you will be able to view their TravelCircle locations.

Adding your own locations

That boutique cafe that serves the best all day brunch or a secluded beach with overhanging waterfalls.

Add all types of locations through the add location feature.

As well as specifying the exact location and type of spot you can also add pictures and personal comments to beef up your recommendation.

Remember! These are your favourite spots that you are posting. So spice them up 😉

View recommended travel locations

Looking for your friends favourite cocktail bar in town or a food truck that serves the best tacos in the city.

On TravelCircle you can filter posted locations based on what type of place you are looking for.

Simply select the type of location you are looking for using the filter function to narrow down the recommendations on the map.

Blue pins represent locations posted from your friends within your TravelCircle, coloured pins are from members of your personal and private circles.

Creating personal circles

If it's your kitesurf group, your family or your hen-do party.

Create your own Circles to share relevant content within each group. Each circles are independent and only visible to you and whomever you chose to be part of that circle. This way you can share some secret locations only among private circles

Circles are created like group chats on your phone. Send invites using the Search Bar on the top of the page to add members.