Adding locations

Some places are just too good to keep to yourself. Adding locations allows you to tell your close friends and family about you favourite spots from your travels or from your home town.

Here is how you do it:

1. From the map home page click the Add location button to start.

This will prompt a pop up window.

2. Click on the search bar under Find location and type the name of the spot you are looking to add.

Google Maps will help you to identify the right place by providing a list of suitable suggestions based on your entry details

Alternatively use the map below to find the location you are looking for and enter the details in the search bar.

3. Under Tag this location type your desired tag.

This first tag you insert will depict the icon that will be displayed on the pin.

Tags are like # and help users find what they are looking for on the map page. Adding tags to represent the location also helps.

4. Under Share with circle select whom you would like to share this location with.

If you select TravelCircle, this location will be available to view by all your followers and will be displayed on your profile. If this a private location and you would only like to share it with a close group of friends, select the relevant personal circle.

5. Under Description add a short message about the place and why you liked it to much.

This will help give your followers an insight on this location.

6. Finally to share this location click the Add Location button.

If you can see your location straight away refresh the page and you recommendation will appear on the map.

Managing your locations

1. From the map home page click the locations tab on the top left. This will open the locations page.

2. A list of all your locations should appear in the table.

3. To edit your locations scroll to the right until you see a picture and setting icon.

4. If you would like to remove the preset picture from google click the existing picture. This will prompt a popup where you will be able to remove the picture.

5. To add your own picture click the plus icon. This will also prompt a popup where you will be able to add your own pictures.

6. To edit the content of the location click the settings icon. This will give you the option to edit the location or remove the location completely.