Creating circles

Circles will allow you to share relevant content with whomever you chose.

1. From the map home page click the Create circle button in the top left corner.

2. Type in the name you would like to give your circle under Name your Circle.

3. Under Invite Friends you will be able to search for friends you are following.

4. Select the friend you would like to add to your circle by selecting the circular box next to the name.

4. To give your circle an individual colour click Select an option and pick your colour.

5. Click Create circle finish

Adding new friends to Circles

You can add new friends to you personal circles after you have created the circle.

1. From the map home page click the search icon in the top right corner.

2. Select the circle tab before typing in your friends name.

3. Once you found who you were looking for click the plus icon next to the name. This will prompt a pop-up.

4. To add this user select the Circle to which you would like to add this user to and click the Add to circle button.

Managing your circles

1. From the map home page click the circles tab on the top left. This will open the circles page

2. Select the circle you would like to manage by clicking on it on the left hand side.

3. To edit the circle click the pen icon on the circles name. This will prompt the edit circle pop up.
note: if you are not an admin you will see a leave circle icon.

4. To manage the members of the circle scroll to the right. Next to the name of the person you would like to promote/ demote and click the settings icon. Then click change status. This will prompt a change status popup

5. Here you can select what type of member you would like this person to be:

Admin can edit the circle, remove & add new people, promote/demote members, add/edit/view locations.

Editor can invite new people, add/view locations.

Viewer can view locations on main map.